Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Gypsy Vanner Horse in a Hollywood Movie in ...a Convertible? The Greening of Whitney Brown, directed by Peter Odiorne, with Odd Job Bob

Finally, the Hollywood movie every horse lover has been waiting for: a family flick that co-stars a house-dwelling, party-crashing, convertible-riding Gypsy Vanner horse! The Greening of Whitney Brown follows teenage it-girl Whitney Brown (Sammi Hanratty) from the manicured paradise of her Philadelphia boarding school to the run-down farmhouse she and her family move to after her father loses his job. In that house waits Odd Job Bob - or just plain Bob - a Gypsy Vanner determined to befriend the girl and leap into her adventures - pink nail polish and all. In the end, I'm guessing (and hoping!), Bob will show Whitney and her family the truth behind equestrians' favorite phrase: "Home is where the horse is."

Coming out November 11th, The Greening of Whitney Brown looks like a fun warm-fuzzy of a film for the Thanksgiving holiday. For more information, check out the movie's Facebook page, Odd Job Bob's Facebook page, and an article about the movie on HorseTalk.

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