Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday - and Everyday! - Treats for Horses: The Original Book of Horse Treats, by June Evers and the Portland Kitchen Libraries

Celebrate the holidays - or any days! - with horses. June Evers makes it easy and fun to make equi-centric special meals and goodies in her cookbook, The Original Book of Horse Treats: Recipes You Can Make at Home for Your Horse.

The recipes are straightforward and friendly. Even novice adult and teen chefs can navigate the step-by-step directions, while younger kids can help with mixing, rolling, and, of course, garnishing the treats with grape halves, peppermint candies, and carrot tops.

One warning, though: I made a few of Evers' treats for my horse, Pegasus, and I found them so endearing that I thought, "Gee, I should make these for all of the horses at the barn! I could make cookies for the people, too. With some music and games, we could have a party..." The Original Book of Horse Treats inspires and invites you to celebrate, decorate, and bring grown-ups and kids and horses together to be merry, like a kind of Martha Stewart of stables.

I know, I know, horses don't care how their food looks, and like almost all of the things we give them, treats are so many gifts of the magi. So call it a horse-friendly way to share the "extra" roasted carrots, baked apples, and crushed candy canes from your favorite holiday feast. Let it be a way to have fun in the kitchen with your family and friends. Make it a present to your favorite horse, horses, stable, club, riding program, or horse shelter. Their presence is the present - why not celebrate?

Need a few extra kitchen utensils for your human or horse holiday cooking? You might want to trot over to your local library: at libraries like the North Portland Preserve and Serve and the Southeast Portland Tool Library, you can borrow kitchen equipment and tools.

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June Evers said...

Thank you so much for reviewing our book, The Original Book of Horse Treats. This book is almost 20 years old and we will be coming out with a 2nd edition next year with a new chapter on sugar-free horse treats. Again, thank you! June Evers, Horse Hollow Press

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