Friday, January 4, 2013

A Year of Dreaming Horses: The Poetry Foundation's Equestrian Poetry Collection

Whether you're blasting through an eight-foot-high wall of brush with a dozen other steeplechase riders and horses or just glimpsing an old pony curled up napping under a willow tree, a moment with horses can change the way you experience the world.

Those moments are sometimes difficult to put into words. But, from time to time, a poet bridles them with streamers of cloud and stray wisps of hay, capturing the hope and humor of bringing a horse home or explaining, at last, why we kiss horses.

At the Poetry Foundation, publishers of the popular Poetry magazine, award-winning editors have created a free, searchable online collection of classic and modern poetry. Type "horse" into the search box - or "pony," or whatever word strikes your fancy - and choose a poem to read, to share, and to inspire your dreams anew each day.

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